The Ultimate Leisure Fitness Equipment – GoFit Chin-Up Bar – $29

The GoFit Chin-Up Bar is the go to piece of equipment if you want to tone up your body muscles. It’s a retractable piece of training equipment meant to fit most standard door width frames (26”to32”). It can support a maximum of 300lbs and is designed with decreased risk of injury being kept in mind. The GoFit Chin-Up Bar is a multipurpose bar. It can be used for doing chin-ups and also serves as a foot anchor for sit-ups and crunches. The only thing required is familiarity towards basic skills the mounting brackets. The bar is made up of steel and has its origin in China.

  • Product Type – Training Equipment
  • Product Dimensions – 30 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Manufacturer – GoFit
  • Maximum weight sustained – 300lbs

Defining Characteristics

The bar is chrome plated giving you the ever glossy look that that stands up to its purpose. As a result, it is durable can endure peripheral forces during workout sessions without buckling.  In order to ease the hand fatigue, there are foam padded grips which are fixed unlike the bar. These foam padded grips will conform to the shape of your palm. Foam grips also tend to lessen injury. You can also check out this definitive guide to buy a perfect road bike if you are planning for a rides.


The Gofit Chin-Up Bar helps in building up of shoulder muscles, especially biceps. It also tones the body, as we are required to pull our body up against the downward force. This results in strengthening of muscles in the upper body region. During crunches the core muscle worked out is the abs. This results in slipping away of our feet from our body, but with the GoFit Chin-Up Bar’s multipurpose service we can also use it as a foot anchor allowing us to perform the perfect crunches and sit-ups without any interruption. The GoFit Chin-up Bar has proved it worth in the medical field also as it helps in relieving back pain especially in the spinal cord.

As it has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds, it will benefit most of the users. You needn’t worry about the product’s failure as it has been tried and tested under necessary conditions. As any other product out in the market, proper installation of the mounting bracket is required. With this in mind proper care should be taken nonetheless. The GoFIt Chin-Up Bar is a great and required addition to both home and gym. It has a long life plus it also can be used as leisure training equipment. Due to its portability, the bar can be carried along during trips.

The bar can be used in three different styles. One, with the palms facing towards the body grips the bar narrowly spaced apart from each other. Two, the palms face towards the body grips the bar the body neutrally spaced apart from each other. Three, with the palms facing towards the body grips the bar widely spaced apart from each other. Also keep in mind, careful measures have to be taken before working out. The GoFit Chin-Up Bar helps in shaping the muscles in the lower arm also. These multiple benefits are what catch the eyes of a person in search of one.

Final Ruling

The GoFit Chin-Up Bar has proved its worth by getting appraisals from its users. The bar is the perfect equipment to buy if you have a limited budget but want more than mentioned results. Not only does it work out your shoulder muscles but also helps in working out your abs by acting as a foot anchor. GoFit has manufactured this equipment keeping in mind that the equipment is comfortable, stable and easy to use.