4 Rowing Machine Mistakes & Fixes

Shopping is an exciting sensation, where you have choices that can enlighten your experience of shopping and you can browse from hundreds of variety. You can bargain because the nature of the shopping and every product has basic instructions on it but it just not enough to explain the product usage.

If you are planning to get one fitness machine for you and your family, then you should make your choice carefully because it can be a problem later on. However, there are several guides you can download online, where you can learn about the fitness machine use, and you will be able to find out more about it which the equipment does not cover in the instruction manual.

4 Rowing Machine Mistakes & Fixes

When you have a latest model Rowing Machine at you home, and there aren’t many points covered in the quick guide, then it leads you to make mistakes that cannot be undone later. You may have to end up in making mistakes that will only slow your workout results down, and it is acceptable for anyone of you. So get down to the list of equipment which most beginners and even experts make while using the Rowing machine.

Gears or Damper

When you try to operate a new device, you try to figure things out yourself, and it sometimes leads us to leave few settings unused. In rowing machine, there are few settings which you must learn because it will teach you how you can make your exercises better.


If you have used a cycle, then you would know that there are few gym cycles which have gears on it. Just like that, a Rowing machine has gears in it which increase the pressure or intensity of the workout.

The Right Way

Almost 69% of the users do not know how to use the machine properly, and it causes them unexpected results, which mostly are slow. You have to learn the right way, to have the accurate result which the R.M workout promises.


You can learn that in two ways.

  1. Contact an expert in your area and ask him to guide you.
  2. There are plenty of videos online where you can learn about it.


Sometimes when you are focusing more your ARMS, then rest of the workout gets avoided. There are times when you pushed back, and you think using your ARMS for the workout is the ideal choice but R.M exercise aims for multiple muscle groups.


Follow the training. Do not concentrate more on the Arms or Legs.


Many users think that increasing the speed can increase the results. That’s not true at all. If you keep on rushing things, there is no use to it because you will only exhaust yourself and you will slow down.


Do not rush, work out the way the trainer has explained.


If you think you know everything about the R.M, then you are wrong. The workout is easy, but implementation would be difficult, and you develop your methods in the end. Follow the rules, follow the workout and do it the right way.