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EPoS System Infographic

Shift management is an important aspect of business, and for business owners to neglect this means to neglect the well-being of both their business and their employees. But what most people don’t know, especially those outside the retail industry, is that retail stores usually don’t know how to manage their people and their shifts. This leads to a factory-like scheduling wherein employees are forced to work up to 16 hours because the management doesn’t know how to handle or manage the shifts properly.

But why is it important to manage the shifts properly?

First, there’s this thing called OVERLAPPING wherein a business would lose money because of poor shift management. The payroll, which can become a blessing and a curse for the business owner, can be detrimental when there are so many overtimes being paid to employees. Overlapping happens when one employee still continues to work even when his or her substitute has arrived. Another concept of overlapping is when an employee doesn’t inform the management of their absence or leave and the substitute has to work a double shift (his own shift and the shift of the one he/she replaced). With good shift management, overlapping can be avoided.

When you don’t pay attention to shift management, you neglect the well-being of your employees. Human beings are finite beings and as such, we can only spend so much time and energy in our workplace. Sure, you’ll find workaholics burning the midnight oil in various offices but this is not always a guarantee that this is healthy and productive. The after-effects of having to work an 18-hour shift can be devastating on the human body. Your body will be fatigued. Your cells won’t be able to regenerate and most of all, your brain will be just too tired to function. There are some instances wherein someone who worked a 24 hour shift (like nurses and doctors) will be knocked out for up to 2 days because the body needed time to recover.

For retail employees , working more than 8 hours a day is something that they find normal. They’d start their day by opening the store and they’d end the day when they would close the store. Sometimes, 12 hours is the norms, with breaks in between of course. But when is 12 hours going to be productive for anyone?

Shift management should never be neglected because it will not only prevent you from losing money but it will also help you take care of your employees.

image-tab2Retail stores, or pretty much any store that deals with clients or customers, will find it very beneficial for their customers to keep coming back to them. Sure, you can always welcome new customers every now and then but the real gauge of how successful your business is how many customers will return to your business to avail of your products and services. Think of the following situations:

a. A man will keep coming back to his barber of 20 years, even though there are a lot of fancy salons in his area.

b. A woman will keep having her breakfast in a local diner and she’s been here for the last 5 years not because it’s close to her home but the food is great.

What could these situations have in common? It’s all about having a great product or service that would make your business stand out. But how are you going to make your customers come back to you?

Communication is an essential part of customer retention because you need to be able to relate to your customers and to be able to empathize with their needs. Why do you think a small-town barber has a lot of regulars? It’s because he’s able to communicate well with his customers. knowing what they like and how they like the service are important factors of communication. You can go into a barber shop and your regular barber will be like “so, will you be having the same cut” and you can be assured that you will be getting the same kind of service with the same kind of quality. This is consistency at its finest.

Selling to your customers is also an important part of customer retention, but you don’t need to suffocate them with attention every now and then. With communication, you will be able to sell better and you will be able to focus on the needs of your customers rather than making a cut of the sale. If you want to value your regular customers, try to encourage them by including the words like FREE, DISCOUNTED, INSTANT, or NEW.

Customer retention can be challenging but it can also be very rewarding for businesses. If you invest in tactics that will make your customers keep coming back to you, you are guaranteeing a steady stream of profit from these individuals. You can also convert your new customers into old customers if you know how to communicate and sell properly.

image-tab3Customer service is that one thing business owners can improve on to improve their relationships with their customers. it doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 retail store or a 5-star Hotel. If you don’t value customer service, then your business is as good as trash. People won’t be coming back to you if you have terrible customer service and it’s sure as heck that they won’t be recommending your business to their friends. You don’t even need to have the best systems working for you when you want to improve your customer services. It’s all about handling your customers properly and rarely does it fall on how good your EPOS systems and other business systems in place are.

Customer service is more than just being nice to your customers. being able to empathize with them and knowing what they want or what they’re after from your business are signs of good customer service skills that will allow you to make your customers feel important. This is done through what psychologists call Implicit Egotism wherein an individual will see himself in a product or in a person. Being able to reflect your customers perfectly means that you’re doing a good job at customer service.

Have you ever wondered why some people keep coming back to their barbers even though there are fancier salons with fancier styles around the corner? It’s not because of the quality of the service but the way the barber makes them feel important whenever they are in the store.

One way for business owners to improve their customer service skills is to give their customers a chance to provide feedback. This means that no matter how good your customer service reps are, it won’t matter if you don’t know what your customers are looking for in a customer service representative. What if what your customer service rep is already ticking a lot of customers off even though they never said anything to your face? Having a feedback box or a suggestion box is good because it will allow them to privately relay feedback to you without having to disrupt your business.

When you’re doing customer service, serving the customer is the most important thing because this is what it’s all about. Service a customer towards their goal within the confines of your business and you will be able to develop a selfless attitude towards the way you do business. you will be able to value your customers a lot more and the more they keep coming back to you, the more they are able to boost your business.

image-tab4What can you do to become a good manager?

Talking to your people is the first thing that you need to be able to do if you want to be a good manager. Having small yet meaningful conversations with them can improve their state-of-mind and their well-being in the office or store. When you talk to your employees, you’re able to pinpoint problems that may arise between your employee and their co-workers, or you can dole out pieces of advice that will allow them to work efficiently without having to embarrass them in from of their co-workers. Talking is a sign of helping, and helping your people is going to strengthen the bond between them and their managers.

Being honest is essential, especially when you’re in the leadership position. Honesty can affect your employees in more ways than one, and I am not talking about honestly responding to the question “does this dress make me look fat”. Performance evaluation and you being honest towards this can help improve the performance of your employees, and thus affecting the success of your business. Being able to not sugar coat crucial evaluations is a sign of honesty and you need to exhibit this quality if you want to be respected as a manager. Even if your co-workers are offended by the evaluation, at least they will respect you for giving an honest feedback. They will improve upon your evaluation and thus your business will also improve.

Lastly, putting the right people to the right job is very difficult but very essential to becoming a good manager. But no one really knows who’s perfect for what job, right? It’s relatively simply. All you have to do is find the person who does a better job than the other person and put him there. He’ll be the kind of person who knows how to use the EPOS system. When one is more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the business, it’s a sign of competency and thus guaranteeing managers that he or she will be the right person for any job. Picture a manager choosing between a fresh MBA graduate and a store employee of 15 years for a managerial position. Who do you think knows more about the business and how it works? It’s obviously the latter because not only does he have experience but he also knows how the business works, and that will put him at an advantage over any other MBA graduate.

image-tab5If you want to define FUTURE PROOFING, it’s an indicator as to whether or not a product, system, or service will need to be updated as technology advances. Think of it like this. It’s like identifying facets fo a business that will become obsolete when new technology is present. For example, we have the human assembly lines wherein humans were the core mechanism, but robots and advanced AI systems are now making up the assembly lines and the humans are now managing and maintaining the system.

In reality, future proof can only be applied to only a few things. Products, businesses, and services will require technological assistance that will need to be cycled through maintenance and replacement. If it can’t be maintained or updated, it will be replaced.

Some business owners have determined if their products are future proofing and this is a fruitless endeavor because there may be systems or products that will not go obsolete within the next few years, but what will go obsolete are the materials that make up the product or service, the designs of both, and the capabilities. You can only do so much when you want to do future proofing.

For example, we can have the Cloud computing solutions that have been dubbed as future proof solution simply because it’s relatively new and the fact that continuous developments are geared towards sustaining this kind of technology for congruency and consistency. EPOS systems and business phones are now utilizing cloud-based solutions, and providers are now migrating towards this solution to reduce the presence of hardware and to reduce the costs.

But what do we know about the future? We only know that it’s unpredictable, it’s unclear, and it’s a lot of things. it doesn’t even coincide with what the present has. Business owners who claim that their present situation is any indicator of their future are just misleading themselves, their customers, and everyone else around them. there’s no consistency with the future. If you’re making 6 figures a month on income, that doesn’t mean that it will be the same for the next year or the next decade even.

But just because we don’t know what the future holds doesn’t mean that we can’t prepare for it. being successful in the next few years doesn’t need you to have the best systems, but rather,if you acknowledge the future and what it holds, you’ll be able to prepare for it better.

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